Magnificent 7 "2017"
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How can you help make the festival successful?
Here are some of the jobs that need to be done.
Contact if you are interested in volunteering.


Festival Facilitator     _________Barbie Hart___

I.  Program Coordinator(s)        

John Kinnamon & Trisha Travis

    Time Commitment: Year round. Heavy pre-planning early fall/summer and prior to registration. Heavy from registration until event. Responsible for all activities available to the registered participants including field trips, workshops, and special events. May be broken into two areas shared by two coordinators: Field Trip related and Other Programs.  

Field Trips          ____Dena Greenwood_______________________

Plan trips and recruit leaders, work with transportation committee on busing and van schedule, write field trip descriptions, coordinate with registration committee for participant list, contact leaders to verify trips, attend departure and return of field trips when possible. Prepare list of honorarium checks.

Supply all descriptions and schedules, leader bios and photos to the Marketing Coordinator for the layout of the booklet. Make sure the Webmaster and Registrar has all the necessary information.

Arrange for canoes and paddlers for the Verde River canoe trips. Arrange for delivery and pick-up of canoes. Provide contact information for nametags and work with Volunteer Coordinator to thank the paddlers.

Arrange for box lunches for field trips that include lunches, soft drinks, water, coolers, and ice for each van/field trip. Pick up and distribute lunches each morning.

Oversees the transportation needs of the field trips. Arrange for donation or rental of vans and buses for all field trips. Coordinate with the field trip committee and registration committee to plan schedule of vans. Arrange for van drivers, pick-up and return of vans. Makes sure vans have sufficient fuel.

Recruit presenters and arrange schedule for all workshops. Arrange for equipment and work with Mechanics Coordinator. Write descriptions of presentations for booklet. Confirm all workshops. Be available to meet and help presenters set-up at the event. List presenter contact information for coordinator.

Engage keynote speaker(s). Arrange for any accommodations needed by the guest speaker. Welcome and see to the needs of the guest speaker. Make sure the speaker has been properly paid, recognized and thanked.

Arrange for the facilities and any refreshments or meals associated with the event. Assure proper set-up and clean-up of the facility.

Arrange for refreshments, entertainment, and speakers at the Welcome Reception. Invite dignitaries, welcome and introduce them.

II.  Mechanics Coordinator ___Joe Spangler_______

    Time Commitment: Heaviest three months prior. Responsible for all facilities needed at the event site. Arranging for tents and booths, set-up, takedown, security, safety, and directional signage placement.

Arrange for facilities at the event site (off-site arrangements are made by individual committees coordinating those events.) Facilities include tents, power, tables, chairs, etc. Work with park staff to facilitate parking, directional signs & communication.

Arrange for security of facilities during the evening and nighttime hours. Secure gates.

Arrange for emergency first-aid at the park during daytime event hours. Coordinate emergency contingencies for field trips and off-site events. Supply first-aid kits for field trips.

Responsible for placement of banners at the chamber, city and park and their removal. Preparation, set-up and takedown of any community directional signs prior to and after the event. Fabrication and placement of signs within the event site for parking and van shuttles, and identification banners for facilities and workshops.

Responsible for arranging for crew to set up tents, tables, etc. prior to the event and for the take-down and return of equipment after the event.

Arrange, set-up and takedown of any equipment needed for any of the committees. Examples include AV equipment, tables, chairs, flip charts, white-boards, communication radios, etc.

Arrange for the storage of all equipment. Facilitate the unpacking and packing of equipment for set-up and take-down.

III.  Finance Coordinator   ___Part or most of these tasks will be performed by Friends Staff- after merger occurs.________

    Time Commitment: Year round. Heaviest three months prior. Responsible for all revenue generating activities except those under the Program Coordinator. Responsible for the purchase of supplies needed by all committees. Arrange for checks to guides and vendors.

Work with Events and other team members to acquire donations for hospitality, the raffle and any other needs of the festival. To work with all committees who need assistance with acquiring donations. Track and thank all donors.

Responsible for seeking potential sponsors to help finance the festival either through monetary, material or staff support. Assure that all sponsors are recognized appropriately.  

Work with all Coordinator and VRVNO treasurer to be sure all bills are paid and checks are cut for the guides and vendors.

Recruit vendors and exhibitors, arrange booth space with Facility Coordinator, communicate with the vendors and exhibitors, confirm arrangements, coordinate set-up and take down of booths. Contact vendors for possible raffle items. List vendor/exhibitor contact information. Open and close tent.

Research and arrange for purchase of promotional (sales) items i.e. t-shirts, coordinate sales, arrange for booth, booth set-up and takedown, including scheduling staff.

Coordinate the raffle. Work with vendor committee and local businesses for donations, sell tickets and staff booth, hold raffle and distribute prizes.

Work with Donation chair to arrange for donations of snacks, water, coffee, etc. for participants and volunteers. Arrange for Aviary booth set up and manpower maintaining the booth. Prepare coffee and early morning snacks for participants. Responsible for distribution of any complimentary items. Manage the sale of lunches and snacks at the Hospitality booth.

IV.  Registration Team Leader ____Jeri Higgins___

    Time Commitment: Heaviest during set-up and during registration and at the event. Set up registration procedure and acquire registration information to establish participant list, events and field trips. Schedule volunteers to work at registration booth during the event.  Arrange for money handling. Coordinate with field trip committee and hospitality committee.

Record registrations in database. Send out confirmations and account for availability of field trips. Coordinate with field trip committee to assure availability of field trips. Responsible for handling registration monies.

Set up on-site registration to assure the smooth operation of the registration process. Hand out event packets. Coordinate with field trip committee to assure availability of field trips. Responsible for handling registration monies.

Assemble all trip packets and check-in guides.

V.  Volunteer Coordinator  ____Chris Jensen_______

    Time Commitment: Heaviest three months prior and planning recognition event after the event.
Responsible for recruiting volunteers to help in all aspects of the festival, coordinate with other committees to meet their volunteer needs, schedule volunteers and provide logistical information, be sure that the needs of volunteers are met and work with the Coordinators for recognitions. Coordinates with Coordinators to be sure that all volunteers, guests, sponsors and contributors are properly recognized and thanked.

Recruit and schedule volunteers for on-site activities during the festival. Help committee chairs with placement of volunteers to help during the festival. Hand out volunteer t-shirts, name-tags or other complimentary gratuities. Help committee to recruit and train new members.

Keep up to date records of all volunteers for the use of recruitment and recognition. Track hours donated. Be sure all waivers are signed and in record.

Responsible for the implementation of volunteer recognition. Help distribute thank-you’s to volunteers who contribute to the event. Coordinate with Festival Facilitator and VRVNO volunteer committee the planning and facilitation of the Volunteer Recognition Party.

VI.  Marketing & Graphics Coordinator   ____Kristine Follett and Susie Beach  _

    Time Commitment: Heaviest early Fall for promotion and publication of booklet. Responsible for designing and fulfilling the marketing plan including all advertising, promotion, PSA’s, brochures, banners, signage. All graphic design and printing of event materials.

Advertising and promotion of the event. Work with various chambers, attend outreach opportunities, send out PSA’s, arrange for advertising, and work with Website committee to update information.

Designing or working with designer for all printing projects. Arrange for and coordinate all printing including flyers, registration booklets, schedules, name tags, banners, etc.

Design and continuing development of the Festival Website, keep the website current, work with registration & program teams.

Attends various events to promote the festival. Develops and maintains display material and media. May include birding festivals, chamber events, and local special events. Responsible for obtaining materials and staff needed.

Layout and printing of Festival Booklet. Arrange for distribution and mailing.

VII.  Youth Education Coordinator  ____Mary Ontiveros________________

    Time Commitment: Heaviest in late Fall for the student contest. Three months prior to plan Nature Fair and during the Festival. Responsible for planning and implementing any educational activities and events associated with the festival.

Plan, coordinate and implement a student essay contest for the purpose of exposing the festival to the schools and to foster an understanding of the importance of wildlife and resource study. Arrange for the prizes and coordinate with the social event chair for the public awarding of prizes.

Plan, coordinate and implement educational activities for school field trip day.

Plan, coordinate and implement educational activities for children and families during the event. Arrange for presentations, special walks. This is usually held as the “Family Nature Fair” on Saturday.

Schedule any youth scholarship opportunities. Provide for the selection of recipient(s). Distribute information to appropriate organizations.


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