VVBNF Committee 2017

Festival Committee, Positions and Affiliations

Magnificent Seven



Barbie Hart* - Festival Founder & Coordinator - Arizona State Parks Volunteer
Susie Beach* - Co-coordinator - Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce
Dena Greenwood - Programs - Jay’s Bird Barn
Bob Rothrock - Programs - Verde River Citizen Alliance
Dennis Tomko - Programs/Ways & Means - Citizen Volunteer
Debbie LaFrance - Events - Citizen Volunteer
Joe & Kit Stack - Events - Citizen Volunteer
Jeri Higgins - Registration - Citizen Volunteer
Mary Ontiveros* - Education Committee - Prescott National Forest
Cindy Emmett - Ways & Means - Citizen Volunteer
Michael Durgain - Ways & Means - Citizen Volunteer
Connie Gilmore - Raffle organizer
Joe Spangler* - Website- Citizen Volunteer
Justin Swiger* - Facilities - Arizona State Parks
Joan Otterson - Citizen Volunteer

* Committee Team Leader

Armstrong, Nanette
Bondnar, Deb
Christianson, George
Cody, Erin
Conti, Carol
*Follett, Kristine
Grubbs, Lisa
Humphreys, Dustin
*Jensen, Chris
Kauffman, Kathrine & Dave and Ruby
*Kinnamon, John
*Travis, Trisha
Miller, Peggy
Chip Norton
Pebworth, Jeff
Sass, Bev
VandeWater, Marceline & Eric
Vaton-Burkhart, Laura
Von Gausig, Doug
Wicks, Ruth


VRVNO Board:
Harry Lampros
Bob Rothrock
*Joe Spangler
Jimmy Whatley
*Chris Jensen
David Fox
Susan Culp
Barbara Krueger
John O'Donnel
Lisa Grubbs - Event planner VRVNO


Mission: The Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival provides a unique recreational experience to anyone interested in the natural world and fosters awareness of the importance of habitat for the enrichment of all life in the Verde Valley.
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