Mission Statement


In the spring our fancy turns to our backyard gardens and expectations of returning migratory birds. One of the great advantages of taking bird watching as a hobby is that although we can travel the world and visit exotic environments to watch birds, we can also do it in the privacy of our own backyards. Feeding or planting a landscape that’s not only beautiful but healthy and attractive to birds benefits all. By bringing birds to our backyards, we increase our hours of enjoyment watching their antics. By being careful hosts, we can provide essentials for the traveler, nesting space and material for the resident, and a ready food supply. It’s like giving them a hand up. Whether we chose to feed or not, all of Nature is dependent on us. It’s in our everyday decisions, how we walk on the land, our choices when we purchase products, and our political voice that impacts the land and the wildlife who visit our backyards or not.

Mission: The Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival provides a unique recreational experience to anyone interested in the natural world and fosters awareness of the importance of habitat for the enrichment of all life in the Verde Valley.
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